Cheapest Car Insurance Companies with Affordable Rates 2023

Cheapest Car Insurance Companies with Affordable Rates 2023

MetLife, Travelers, and Farmers have some of the most affordable prices for car insurance. But it’s important to check quotes to ensure you’re getting the most affordable insurance available.

In most parts of the country, car insurance rates are going up. There are a number of reasons why your rates might go up. Some of them, like how you drive, are up to you. Some things are out of your control, like accident claims and car thefts in your area.

Your rates could go up once or twice a year, depending on how long your insurance is. Comparing car insurance quotes can help you find the most affordable car insurance for your needs, whether it’s time to renew your policy or you’re a new driver with less experience and credit background.

Data experts looked at millions of real-time car insurance quotes from partner companies to find the cheapest rates for different types of drivers.

Overall, liability-only car insurance, which is also called “minimum coverage,” is the least expensive type of car insurance. It costs an average of $85 per month, or $1,020 per year. Most states require drivers to have at least a certain amount of liability insurance, but you may choose to carry more insurance based on your situation.

The table below shows the best monthly car insurance rates for some typical drivers and compares them to the average national monthly rate of $148 in 2022.

MetLife’s quote is the least expensive total, at only $120 per month, or $1,440 per year. This is 19% less than the average for the whole country.

MetLife may not be the least expensive choice for every driver. But the company has good reviews for customer service and offers deals that can lower the cost of your car insurance, such as discounts for safe drivers, good students, and safety features.

Kemper is the least expensive car insurance company for good drivers.

A good driving record means you have no crashes, speeding tickets, or convictions for driving under the influence. These are all things that can cause your car insurance rates to go up. Data from Insurify shows that most drivers have good records.

Most of the time, good drivers can get the best car insurance rates possible, depending on their age, gender, and area, among other things.

Good drivers can get coverage from Kemper for an average of $138 per month, or $1,656 for a contract that lasts for a year. Even though at least two regional insurers we looked at had cheaper average monthly quotes than Kemper, the company offers discounts that make it a better choice for drivers with a clean record, such as:

Best cheap car insurance if you have an accident:

Common traffic crimes include running a stop sign or red light, making an illegal U-turn, failing to yield, following too close, and not being able to show proof of insurance and registration. Even a single violation on your record could cause your insurance rates to go up when you want to get a new policy or update the one you already have.

The local insurance business can be a good choice for drivers with just one small mark on their records. At an average of $141, it has the lowest monthly price for a driver with one or more accidents. With Certainly, you can get a quote, buy, and keep up with your car insurance policy all online. The company also sells insurance for renters and small businesses.

But Certainly car insurance is only available in Arizona, Illinois, Ohio, Tennessee, and Wisconsin. If you live in another state, you’ll have to look for a different insurer.

USAA has the cheapest car insurance with a DUI.

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is a very bad thing to do and can lead to legal problems and much higher car insurance rates. USAA has the cheapest price for drivers with a DUI on their record: $165 a month, or $1,980 a year. But that’s about 9% more than what a safe driver with USAA might pay for the same policy.

If a driver has one or more DUIs on their record, their car insurance rates will usually go up. Some people may have trouble finding a provider who will cover them. Multiple government studies have shown that drivers with one DUI are more likely to get another one, and nearly a third of all deadly accidents in the U.S. are caused by drunk driving.

But even though USAA’s car insurance quotes for drivers with a DUI are the lowest overall, not everyone will be able to take advantage of this. USAA only sells policies to people who are in the military or have been in the military, as well as their wives and children.

When it comes to car insurance, drivers with bad credit tend to pay more than drivers with good credit. Studies and numbers show that drivers with bad credit put car insurance companies at a higher risk of loss because they are more likely to file a claim.

Your credit score is a factor in your insurance rating that you can control. If you work on your credit score, you might be able to get better insurance rates. Farmers, on the other hand, gives drivers with bad credit the cheapest car insurance quotes, at $162 per month, or $1,944 per year.

National General has the least expensive car insurance for new drivers.

Most of the time, car insurance rates are most expensive for young drivers. Teenagers and people younger than 25 are more likely to get into a crash than older drivers. Because younger drivers are more likely to file a claim, insurance companies charge them more. In fact, the average yearly rate for car insurance for new drivers is 107% higher than the average rate for all drivers.

National General can be a good choice for young drivers who want the best car insurance at the best price. It costs an average of $243 per month for drivers younger than 25. NAIC data shows, though, that National General has a lot more customer complaints than other insurance companies.

Mile Auto has the lowest rates for low-mileage drivers.

When setting your insurance rate, car insurance companies look at how many miles you drive each year. In general, your insurance premium will be cheaper if you drive less each year. Most insurance companies give discounts to drivers who don’t drive a lot, but pay-per-mile insurance companies go one step further and only charge drivers for the miles they drive in a year.

Pay-per-mile is an idea that has been around for a long time, but it really took off during the pandemic, when more people started working from home and drove less. Mile Auto stands out because it has the cheapest car insurance for people who don’t drive very much. On average, it costs just $113 per month for Mile Auto. Trustpilot says that the company is 3.8 out of 5 stars.

Keep in mind, though, that pay-per-mile insurance is probably not a good choice for people who drive a normal or above-average number of miles every year.

Even if you weren’t at blame, getting into an accident can raise your insurance rates. A claim for an accident and the higher insurance rates that come with it will usually stay on your record for three years. After an accident, doing comparison shopping can be a good way to find a lower insurance rate.

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